sexbruise (sexbruise) wrote,

..One of the Chosen Ones..

..I am your blundering companion..

If you`re only seeing this entry; You are not my friend..

Comment to be considered. It's not worth the effort really anyway.
Stay cool kids.
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I've added you. Will you do the same for me?
Hello... I think you're interesting so I've added you... I have a fairly new LJ but it's not my first. I like to read and comment, haven't written much these days.
Added. ;)

Deleted comment


10 years ago

hey there, add me? :)
I Find You Very intriguing ... Want A Friend ...
You`ve been misled. I think.
But you`re added anyway.


10 years ago


10 years ago

adding you :)
i saw you on ___addmebitch or somethingg

i'm christa and from maryland
adding via addmebitch?

i talk.
i update.
i comment.
i'm a nice kid.

you don't have too.
"but it would be better if you did"
Yeah, I`ll add you.
It`s always better if we do.
saw you in add me, you seem fun :]
add me back? <3
added sweetness
hey :) added x
friends? you seem more then a lot kickass
Haha, yeah cool.
Added =)
would like to be added, i am a nurse in the states. as well as a number of other things.
I'll add you now =)
you're my friend. So who am I (as for you)? Lets make a friends!